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The NSWPB is committed to ensuring this website is maintained and kept current with timely and valuable data relevant to the economic landscape of our region. Our current database of information will grow and expand as the portal continues to moves forward.

From labour skills to skilled labour - Realizing our Economic Development Potential

From labour skills to skilled labour - Realizing our Economic Development PotentialAn excellent article from our friends at Thunder Bay CEDC on the skilled labour requirements within mining. Check out the full article here.         An excerpt from the piece here: Today the five producing mines in Northwestern Ontario employ 3,545 staff and contractors. Among the estimated 13 new mines coming on stream between 2013-2017, eight of the companies/projects which are the most mature (first producers) responded directly to a Thunder Bay CEDC survey with employment forecasts. Based on this feedback, it is estimated that 3,955 skilled labourers and tradesmen will be required for the construction phase and 3,301employees for the operational phase of [more]

Northern Workers and Commuting is a Way of Life

Northern Workers and Commuting is a Way of LifeCBC News recently published an article on the reality of long commutes many Northern Ontarians are making to earn a living. This has become a way of life for many in our communities across the North - and one that has indirect implications for us all. Take a read of the article below and offer your thoughts and experiences with commuting for work. Lure of money pulls northern workers into long [more]

July 2012 Labour Market Monitor Now Available

July 2012 Labour Market Monitor Now AvailableThe newest Labour Market Monitor for the Northwest region is available for download. We thank the folks at Service Canada for providing this informative monitor each month. Here, in its entirety almost, are the contents from the Monitor:   Construction Pioneer Construction Inc. was awarded a contract to rebuild 25 km of Highway 527 north of Thunder Bay, creating approximately 70 jobs. The project began in July and is expected to be completed in 2013. (Ministry of Northern Development and Mines, July 16) Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation reported 87 housing starts in Thunder Bay for the first half of 2012, compared to 99 for the same period [more]

June 2012 Labour Market Monitor Now Available!

June 2012 Labour Market Monitor Now Available! Some new labour market information pertaining to the Ring of Fire, Construction, Health care and Social Assistance can be found in June's edition of the Labour Market Monitor. Click on the image to download the bulletin. You can also download earlier editions of the monitor here. Thanks to Service Canada for producing this monthly [more]